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My best friend and I being huge cry babies after her run/coin ceremony. (I think that’s what they called it.)

I cried a lot this weekend. I was pregnant and hormonal, haha. And I hadn’t seen my best friend in almost like 10 months because we both moved away to different states… So this was the first time we saw each other in forever, after living only 5 minutes away from each other our whole life! So it was a big change. I always see posts about people’s gf/bf/fiance/wife/husband (I post things about my husband also)… but there’s also people out there who have watched their childhood best friends go away to training and enter into the military and that’s emotional too.

So this goes out to call the best friend significant others of the military. No romance. No rings. No paperwork. Just cold hard bestie commitment to each other. Through thick and thin. 

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    I get to drive down to SC this weekend and see her! YAAAAYYYYYY!!! BFF!
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